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on December 12, 2016 bath Tubs Shower Body Sprays Bathroom

10 Best Uses of Space When Expanding Your Bathroom

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If you live in Southern California, you know all too well that space, in general, sells for a premium.

That includes in your home -- specifically your bathroom.

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How you arrange space is an important part of expanding your bathroom. Although it’s not the largest room in the house, and certainly one where you won’t be spending a lot of time, it can be efficient. 

Who will use it? Is it a master bath just for you, or will the entire family use it? What kinds of features have to be incorporated into the design to make it work for your preferences? 

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How large is the actual space? 

These are questions you will have to answer before expanding your bath. 

If you think of your bathroom in terms of function, you can make any size room more efficient if you organize the physical space logically.  

Here are 10 best uses of space when expanding your bathroom: 

  1. Water closets. Many homeowners ask for a closed-door compartment, within the room, just for the toilet. 
  1. Shower for two. Even if you shower alone, it’s great to have the space. Install multiple options for water-delivery. 
  1. A separate bathtub. If you’ve got room for it, keep the tub separate from the shower. 
  1. Double sinks and vanities. Not only does this arrangement allow two people to groom at the same time, it provides storage. If you don’t have the space, see whether your layout can accommodate a pair of pedestal sinks.. 
  1. Half walls. This is one way to create separate areas in a modest-size bathroom without closing off natural light coming from an outside wall. 
  1. Skylights and roof windows. Installing one of these units allows you to add natural light where adding a standard window is not possible. 
  1. Off the floor. Tight on floor space? Install a wall-mounted vanity, or toilet. Faucets installed on the wall rather than on the counter leave more space for your hair dryer and grooming products. 
  1. Built-in storage. Use space inside the wall between the studs to create open or closed storage. 
  1. Pocket doors. You have to love them. These space-saving doors slide inside the wall rather than opening into the room. 
  1. Corner fixtures. Prefabricated showers, vanities, and toilets designed to tuck neatly into a corner are great solutions for small bath- or powder rooms. 

It can be a good idea to expand your bathroom, even in a tough economy. An updated design will increase the value and livability of your house.

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Regardless of your motivation for expanding the bathroom, understanding how to make the most of your existing space is going to make the remodel a smoother overall experience.

This is one of those remodeling projects that you’ll never regret!
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