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Custom Design & Construction

About CD&C

About Custom Design & Construction

Custom Design & Construction is among the first to bring a design and construction under one roof as a design/build process. Our team of Project Designers and Project Managers work together providing clients the convenience and confidence of a single team with a shared vision. This means you no longer need to be pulled between an independent architect and contractors as they point the finger to each other in blame. You also know exactly how much your project will cost, which eliminates all surprises.

Custom Design & Construction’s integrated design/build team works on your remodeling project, from the first draft and design concept through the final construction cleanup, with a single point of contact for you. Together, we are able to deliver award-winning design, quality craftsmanship and a predictable process.

Visit our beautiful state-of-the-art Design Center where you’ll see firsthand:

  • The capabilities of our award winning design staff
  • The quality of workmanship you can expect in your home
  • Design inspiration and ideas for your project
  • Meet team members responsible for our 27 years of success
  • And pick up your very own copy of "Six Secrets to Successful Remodeling"

Creating Confidence

At Custom Design & Construction, we understand that remodeling your home can be stressful and filled with anxiety. One of the biggest anxieties we hear people talk about is the fear of making the wrong decisions when it comes to material selections and design. We want you to feel at ease and stress-free throughout the remodeling process. You will work closely with our team to make sure we understand what your project desires are, but most importantly why you want to do the project. The way we listen and ask questions will immediately give you confidence that this is your project –not ours. We will work together to come up with designs that meet your needs and make sure you don’t make mistakes in the material selection process.

You will also gain confidence in your budgeting. Our philosophy about estimates and budgeting is to give our customers realistic cost estimates early in the process, which minimizes any later surprises. We strive to build a strong, productive relationship with you as we work together on your home.

Our experienced craftsmen will work closely with our on staff Project Manager to ensure your project gets completed on time and with the highest craftsmanship. Of course you will have regular meetings with our Project Manager to make sure you know what’s going to happen before it happens.

What is Design Build?

Unlike the traditional model of home remodeling, we see a project through from concept to completion. We facilitate the design, the financing, the engineering, the project management and the construction all under one roof.

If not done right, home remodeling projects can quickly become an unnecessarily large burden for homeowners, with fragmented communication between designers, architects and contractors. Custom Design & Construction makes it our highest priority to avoid these problems, and we do so through our proprietary remodeling process: The Design2Completion System™ This innovative methodology is completely unique to our company and truly sets us apart from any others in the remodeling field.

The Design2Completion System™

Is an all-inclusive process that seamlessly handles all phases of your project – including design, construction, and financing. We emphasize communication, organization, and time management in order to provide a remodeling project that flows smoothly and efficiently – on time, on target, and on budget.

Where to Begin

A major home renovation can be a wonderful, life changing experience. At the same, we also know that done poorly, it can also be extremely stressful for the homeowner. We’ve heard that "remodeling your home, is like having a suit tailored while you’re still wearing it".

You have several options and alternatives:

  • You can retain an architect to complete designs for a fee (typically 10% of projected project cost).
  • You can bid plans to contractors who don’t offer design.
  • You can do the project yourself
  • You can use a "big box" store

We're familiar with all of these alternatives and know that none of them offer a complete and predictable solution. That’s why Custom Design & Construction offers design, selections, financing, and construction, with a single point of contact.

Overcoming Fears

Unfortunately, people can feel discouraged following a poor remodeling experience. Whether stemming from an unethical contractor, poor quality work, project delays, scheduling problems, or poor communication, remodeling projects can leave homeowners hesitant to remodel again.

That doesn’t happen with us.

What you will always get from Custom Design & Construction:

  • Top quality work performed on time and on budget
  • Personalized construction management for your piece of mind
  • Your home will be left clean, neat and safe at all times
  • Fair, honest pricing with everything included and no gimmicks and no hidden costs
  • Skilled craftspeople – no "kids" or part-timers
  • The strongest guarantee in the industry – 5 years – no questions
  • The only company in the USA with the financial strength to provide and carry financing for your project in-house with no outside broker, bank or finance company involvement

We are well aware of the difficulties, frustrations and disappointments that a poorly managed project creates for the homeowner. That’s why we demand high professional standards, high-level project management, and impeccable craftsmanship from our team.

Timeless Design is Possible

People change over time and so too do architectural styles. Fads tend to last 1 to 3 years while trends last 3 to 7 years. Our designers are careful to balance your selections with longevity in mind. We also understand and appreciate older and traditional architectural styles and materials and work to incorporate the old and new to create a timeless balance.

Are we a good fit?

Remodeling is a big decision. The first step in any remodeling project is making sure there is a good match between you and the company you select. It is important to choose a firm who is best positioned to meet your unique needs.

Custom Design & Construction is a company best suited to individuals and families interested in a quality renovation managed by a collaborative and receptive team of professionals. Our philosophy is to design around your unique family needs and build it right the first time. This gives our clients the peace of mind they need by having one company handle everything from concept to completion.

We are best equipped to meet the needs of individuals and families who:

  • Don’t want remodeling to be a risk
  • No longer feel comfortable in the size of their home, either with a larger or smaller family
  • Need to update their outdated or aging home
  • Desire assistance in design, space planning, material selection, and finishes
  • Are looking to maximize their budget with sound advice on areas to save and where you can splurge
  • Appreciate professional design and high-quality craftsmanship
  • Appreciate our company values and culture

Client Testimonials

"Our remodeling project was perfection from beginning to end. The designers included everything we wanted, they offered a selection of materials that made choosing final products very easy, the contract was clear and followed to the letter in every way during construction, the craftsmanship is outstanding and we are thoroughly enjoying our new master bath!"