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2016 Design Trends

2016 Design Trends

1. Open up your home

More and more homeowners are remodeling to create open floor plans. You can use these changes to create one larger kitchen-dining-living “great room” space that is open and warm for guests and family. These open spaces create a more relaxed space where everyone can be together with décor playing a key role in bringing the spaces together.

2. Changing Room Definitions

Just because the home style states that a particular room should be a formal dining room, it doesn’t mean that that is the best fit for your family. A big trend in 2016 is to customize your space, making changes that fit your family’s wants and needs. For example, maybe your formal dining room should become your children’s playroom. Or if you’re an empty nester, you may want to transform an empty bedroom into the craft room of your dreams.

3. Tiles as Key Features

Statement-making floor tiles will continue as a trend into the New Year. Feature tiles help designers define transitions between rooms, or drawing the eyes toward special features within a room. Large format rectangular tiles are now becoming the norm with a broad variety of colors, materials, and textures.

4. Darker is Better

When it comes to color schemes, dark grays and charcoals are taking their place in the popular line-up of colors. These darker hues are slowly replacing beiges for a more sophisticated, elegant look. Sleek black tiles in the bathroom, in particular, are making a splash when it comes to remodeling trends. Dark stains in kitchen cabinetry with contrasting light countertops are also appearing more and more.

5. Handle-Less Kitchens

There are many innovations emerging on the market today that strive to eliminate handles and pulls from anything from sinks and appliances to cabinetry and fixtures. If you like sleek, streamlined designs, you can’t go wrong with motion sensor faucets, touch-to-open pantry doors, and even advanced ready sensor kitchen faucets that automatically shut off when a pot is filled with running water. Custom upper level cabinets can open and close through the simple motion of a hand wave.

6. Bathroom Sound Systems

While surround sound has been popular in living rooms for decades, music has shifted to bathrooms. More and more remodels are including built-in sound systems in the bathroom that connect to your smart phone music library. Bathroom features now come with built-in speakers and even bathtubs act as sub woofers.

7. Layered Lighting

It’s exciting to see how lighting helps enhance spaces to give homeowners the lighting they need in exactly the right spaces. Layered lighting serves these purposes. Chandeliers and pendants are much better for seeing than harsh, overhead lights. Under-cabinet lighting makes it easy to read cookbooks, and interior lights make china and collections shine behind glass cabinet doors. LED lights are now available in soft and warm colors matching the shades of older incandescent bubs with better efficiency and longevity.

8. Customization and Functionality

One thing many homeowners want is a beautiful home that has functionality. Instead of just a staircase a homeowner may want a built in bookcase or wine cellar. Not only do we want a window seat, we want one that opens up to stow books or blankets. The trends that matter are the ones that make you - the homeowner happier and more comfortable.

Client Testimonials

"Our remodeling project was perfection from beginning to end. The designers included everything we wanted, they offered a selection of materials that made choosing final products very easy, the contract was clear and followed to the letter in every way during construction, the craftsmanship is outstanding and we are thoroughly enjoying our new master bath!"