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Outdoor Oasis

Outdoor Oasis

Remodel Your Home's Exterior

The outside of your home is as much of an oasis as the inside…or at least it can be. A custom redesign of your house front, exterior, or back yard improves curb appeal and your level of enjoyment in your home.

What makes your home stand out from every other one on the street? Take your home from “ho hum” to award-winning with an exterior remodel with Custom Design & Construction.

Some popular remodeling projects outside include: total exterior makeovers, porches, porticos, front façades, and more.

Create a Focal Point

A grand entryway, circular drive, or water feature all lend a beautiful focal point to your home's exterior. New lighting gives your home that finishing touch so that when our beautiful LA sunshine sinks beneath the western horizon, your home's beauty is lit throughout the night.

Our 7-Step Process Guarantees Your Satisfaction

guaranteed satisfaction
  1. Understand Your Needs and Your Goals
  2. Site Measurements and Existing Conditions
  3. Designing the Possibilities
  4. Product and Finish Selections
  5. In-House Finance Solutions
  6. Construction Agreements, Specifications & Permits
  7. Construction and the Final Product
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Client Testimonials

"Our remodeling project was perfection from beginning to end. The designers included everything we wanted, they offered a selection of materials that made choosing final products very easy, the contract was clear and followed to the letter in every way during construction, the craftsmanship is outstanding and we are thoroughly enjoying our new master bath!"