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How to ‘Class Up’ Your Kitchen with Cabinets

June 5, 2017

Some homeowners place a premium on a cozy kitchen. Others want to make sure the kitchen is family-friendly.

Why ‘Anywhere’ Is a Good Place to Install Built-ins

March 27, 2017

Even though a home remodel (or build) will increase in cost when more elements are added, you can’t overestimate the value that built-ins bring to a house.

Why the Process of Remodeling is Just as Important as the Before and After

January 30, 2017

When you are looking to hire a remodeler, you’re usually drawn in by their before-and-after pictures and the endless possibilities of your space. While those photos and ideas are attractive and grab your attention, BEWARE -- they don’t tell the whole story.

Range and Cooktop Options for Your Kitchen

January 2, 2017

What’s better, a separate cooktop and oven (or ovens), or a range that contains both in a single appliance? 

Eclectic Kitchens: An Aesthetic Manifesto for Living

December 5, 2016

Some kitchens defy current tastes and derive their uniquely individual style from a variety of different elements and a diverse range of themes and sources. 

Making Your Kitchen Functional

September 26, 2016

How many steps do you take to make a cup of coffee in your own kitchen?

9 Kitchen Tile Backsplash Options to Consider

September 19, 2016

The kitchen backsplash -- the wall area between countertop and wall cabinets -- is typically about 18 inches tall and set about the 36 to 54 inches off the floor. There are a variety of ways to incorporate the backsplash into your Southern California kitchen, with a sense of style and practical considerations.

Built-in Cabinets: Configuration for South Bay Home Interiors

August 15, 2016

It’s hard to imagine a South Bay home without the most basic and ubiquitous of built-ins: cabinets, drawers, and shelves. Kitchens and bathrooms are obvious spaces for built-in cabinets, but cabinets can help organize and beautify any room. 

How Can You Really Help Your Los Angeles Remodeler

June 27, 2016

When you undertake a home remodeling project in the Los Angeles area, it’s your project.  Naturally, that means you want to be involved.  After all, it’s your home.  But if you’ve enlisted the services of a professional remodeler, what’s the best way to be involved?  How can you really help your remodeler so that you end up with the best possible result?

8 Kitchen Trends That Can’t Go Wrong

June 20, 2016

“Don’t buck the trend” and “the trend is your friend” are common adages in the financial world.